Our Values

With Gujju Ben Na Nasta, we bring these elements to you, in the form of a packed range of Nasta options. Made with utmost care and quality adherence, Gujju Ben Na Nasta is perfect to carry along wherever you go; to devour wherever you are; and to enjoy whatever season it may be.

Strictly Homemade
Call it homemade or mommade with love, GujjuBen will leave no dhokla unturned to make sure you eat home cooked Nasta.
She's on a mission to make homemade Nasta so cool that you'll forget the Quesadilla for the love of Khakras!!

Authentic Ingredients
With goad (jaggery) , jeeru (cumin), kothmir (coriander), aamli (tamarind), kesar (saffron), kokum (garcinia indica), lal marchu (cayenne pepper), mitho limbdo (curry leaves), and several others joining her camp, GujjuBen's always ready with her army of flavourful, truthful ingredients!!

Traditional Cooking, Modern Outlook
While you'll always find Dhoklas, Patras and and Theplas of the world here, GujjiBen will surprise you with Manchurian Khakras and Jalapeno Chips too. Yes, she'll do anything to make you stick to the Strictly HomeMade Food, even if it means competing with the chinese food stalls or the pizza and burger outlets!! She's also cool enough to understand your weight loss mission and keeps a special Diet Menu always handy!! That's what makes her an absolute rockstar!!

Packed With Perfection
GujjuBen's Nasta has a special place in people's heart across the globe. That's why we meticulously pack the nasta so it remains fresh and tasty till it reaches you, no matter where you are!!