Meet Our Rockstar, Nasta Specialist, GUJJUBEN!!

From Fafda to Facebook, GujjuBen knows it all!! When you're off to work, a 'nasta khaya' whatsapp message has to come from her!! And when you try to take the laptop charger out from the back pocket of your bag, you might just find some methi puris stuffed in by GujjuBen. She knows you're bound to choose meetings over lunch!! And when you're on that long trip, you can't help but thank her when you see those theplas coming to your rescue. In case you're on a diet, she might surprise you with healthy beetroot nachos!! That's how loving, caring and cool, our GujjuBen is!!

How it all started:

It all began in a quaint Mumbai Gujarati household in late 1990s, when our Gujju Ben, given her relentless passion for cooking, started preparing home cooked Gujarati meals for people around. Before they knew it, word spread and then came a flood of calls and messages from Indian families all across the globe, inviting Gujju Ben to cook authentic Gujarati meals for their loved ones.

Their ingredients to success? Home cooking, quality ingredients, family heirloom recipes and immense amount of love.